bShare's button is fully customizable, with many different styles to choose from. If you do not like any of the styles we provide, bShare provides APIs so that you can use your own button image or create an UI that suits your needs!

Fully Customizable

bShare provides you with many different button styles to fit your website's needs. Each button style can be further customized by changing the text colors and background colors. But, if you are still not satisfied with our styles, you can always just use your own button image.

Customize the text, whether you want to show a share count, the language, the position of the button, and much more!

Choosing your button colors are a snap with our easy-to-use color wheel.

Platform Customization

bShare automatically orders the platforms by popularity to display in your bShare popup. But, if you already know what platforms your audience uses, you can customize what platforms to show in the bShare popup, as well as the order they appear.

Share API

Our Share API provides you with FULL programmatic access to our sharing engine. Unlike most other sharing tools, we don't only provide redirect link APIs; but we also provide share APIs that utilize each sharing platform's API!

Now, you can use bShare's share APIs to easily create your own fully functional sharing widget with the UI you want. Check out our Share API!

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